Fort Lauderdale Beach

Flamingo Running Tours are designed to take you to South Florida's most exciting neighborhoods and must-see landmarks. The routes listed below are approximately 6 miles each, but Flamingo Running Tours also offers personalized routes. Click on each tour for details.

Fort Lauderdale Beach Promenade
Sea grapes and palms, sky-high hotels, kitschy beach shops and the site of the 1960 movie Where the Boys Are, which cemented Fort Lauderdale's role as spring break destination for decades to come. In the morning, see a killer sunrise over the water. Afternoon, lots of beach revelry and sun worshipers.
Venice of the Americas
You may have a hard time telling the difference between some of our resident's yachts and the cruise ships anchored at Port Everglades, but you'll get to see plenty of both on this gorgeous waterfront route through yachting mecca Fort Lauderdale.

Miami Beach and Key West coming soon!

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